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Data Trace Automation is one of the Schneider Dealers in Chennai. We Provide all types of Schneider SwitchGear Products like Schneider SwitchGear Acti9, MCB, Schneider MCB- Neo Break, Schneider MCB- Easy9, Schneider RCCB - Acti9, Schneider RCCB -Neo Break, Schneider RCCB - Easy9, Schneider Contactors - Tesys D, Schneider Contactors Tesys K, Schneider Contactors Tesys K,D,SK with the best price in Chennai.

Schneider MCB - Acti9

Schneider Electric SwitchGears MCB Acti9 Datatraceautomation

  • Discover the new Acti 9 range for low voltage DIN rail system up to 63 A.
  • Acti 9 helps you meet developing energy efficiency and environmental certifications or requirements, now and in the future.
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    Schneider MCB- Neo Break

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears MCB NEO BREAK Datatraceautomation

  • Inspired innovation for round the clock protection.
  • Neo Break Miniature circuit breaker.
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    Schneider MCB- Easy9

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears MCB Easy9 Datatraceautomation

  • Miniature Circuit-Breakers
  • Protection from short-circuits and cable overloads.
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    Schneider RCCB - Acti9

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears RCCB Acti9 Datatraceautomation

  • Acti 9 xID & ID 125 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) up to 125A
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    Schneider RCCB -Neo Break

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears RCCB NEO BREAK Datatraceautomation

  • Residual current circuit-breakers ensure
  • The control and isolation of electrical circuits.
  • The protection of human being against direct and indirect contacts
  • The protection of installations against insulation faults.
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    Schneider RCCB - Easy9

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears RCCB easy9 Datatraceautomation

  • Residual Current Circuit Breakers
  • Protection from electric shocks.
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    Schneider Contactors - Tesys D

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears TesysD Datatraceautomation

  • Contactors and reversing contactors up to 75 kW/400 V and 250 A/AC1
  • Reversing or non-reversing contactors up to 75 kW/400 V and 250 A/AC1.
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    Schneider Contactors Tesys K

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears TesysK Datatraceautomation

  • Contactors and reversing contactors up to 7.5kW 400/415V.
  • Reversing or non-reversing contactors up to 5.5 kW 400/415 V.
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    Schneider Contactors Tesys K,D,SK

    Schneider Electric SwitchGears TesysD K SK Datatraceautomation

  • Relays – TeSys SK, K - For control of TeSys K contactor coils and other devices
  • Relays – TeSys D - For control of TeSys D contactor coils and other devices.
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    Schneider MCCBs Compact NSXm

    Schneider Switch Gear Compact NSXm Datatraceautomation

  • Molded case circuit breakers up to 160 A.
  • With its convenient design, it can easily accommodate applications from 16 to 160 A
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